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New Zealand Societies with an interest in water and water resources
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Hydrological Societies
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Note: Information on New Zealand tertiary courses is available on the Society's Education site.

New Zealand Societies with an interest in water and water resources

Meteorological Society of NZ
NZ Freshwater Sciences Society
Geological Society of NZ
NZ Geophysical Society
NZ Society of Soil Science
NZ Association of Resource Management
NZ Water and Wastes Association
OXFAM/Water Appeal - This is a programme supported by NZHS members and now coordinated through Oxfam that funds community-based projects to improve sanitation and water supplies in PNG, India, Bangladesh, Nepal and other countries.

Environmental Institute of Australia and New Zealand

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Miscellaneous NZ sites

NZ Water Information Directory A collection of metadata records of NZ water information - where to find it.
NZ Hydrological Society educational site A site devoted to educational material and with links to other education sites.

New Zealand Wetland Trust A site devoted to NZ wetlands and educational material with links to other sites.

Sustainable Future Water aspects of a NZ site devoted to sustainable future with NZ and global links and material

Sustainable Living  Resources for the national Sustainable Living programme, an adult educational programme on sustainability issues.

Royal Society of NZ education and learning resources

Realise the Dream A national event that rewards and celebrates students who have demonstrated excellence in research and technological practice
National Waterways Project NZ education material

World Vision New Zealand Water matters education material
Environmental Monitoring and Action Project NZ education material - combines National Waterways Project and the GLOBE Programme
Global Education Centre A NZ site that includes water-related material

NIWA's National Climate Database

NIWA's National Hydrological Database

NIWA's Freshwater Biodata Information System

NIWA's NCWR links page
NIWA tidal predictions
Landcare Research's Motueka ICM website
Environment Canterbury's water education site
ARC and the cities of Auckland water education site
The definitive map of New Zealand Web space.

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Scientific Journals

Journal of Hydrology (New Zealand)
NZ Journal of Marine & Freshwater Research
Journal of Hydrology
Advances in Water Resources
Agriculture Ecosystems and Environment
Journal of Hydraulic Research
Journal of the American Water Resources Association
Earth Science Reviews
Earth Surface Processes and Landforms
Forest Ecology and Management
Agricultural and Forest Meteorology

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Hydrological Societies

Australian Hydrographer's Association
Asia Pacific Association of Hydrology and Water Resources
International Association of Hydrogeologists - Australian National Chapter
Institution of Engineers, Australian National Committee on Water Engineering
Malaysian Hydrological Society
Association of Hydrologists of India
British Hydrological Society
British Society for Geomorphology
Hydrological Society of South Australia
American Geophysical Union
Korean Water Resources Association
Hydrological Societies List

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International organisations

Word Water Day 2010

U S National Academics Water Information Centre 100+ peer reviewed reports on water-related issues
International Association of Hydrological Sciences - Contains IAHS newsletters, symposia, links, etc.
International Association of Hydrogeologists
UNESCO water portal - news, glossary, etc.
UNESCO conference listing
UNESCO IHP programme
UNESCO Water links
World Water Forum
Website for International Year for Freshwater 2003
International Association of Hydraulic Research - news, NewsFlash, events, etc.

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Other links

Australian Bureau of Meteorology - Learn about meteorology

Centre for Groundwater Studies, Flinders University  

US National Academies Water Science Website
US Geological Survey Water Resources
Center for Ecology & Hydrology, NERC, UK
US Geological Survey Water Resources
US Geological Survey Water Resources "Water sciences for schools"
Global Hydrology Resource Center
Universities Water Information Network
American Water Resources Association
Hyperlinks in hydrology for Europe and the wider world
CP Kumar's list of worldwide hydrology links
International professional and non-governmental organisations

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Meetings/Courses in New Zealand

NZHS annual conference, Nelson, December 2012

Meetings/Courses outside New Zealand

GwFR'2012 International Conference on Groundwater in Fractured Rocks 

Prague, Czech Republic, 21-24 May 2012

Hydrology and Water Resources Symposium

Sydney, Australia, 19-22 November 2012

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